MIMS Charitable Trust

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MIMS Charitable Trust

Aid beyond national boundaries

Faizan Khan, a poor boy, from a far flung place called Uganda in Africa suffered from congenital heart disease. His mother, a single parent, a poor woman had no means to pay for the surgery and his death seemed an inevitable fact until MIMS Charitable Trust intervened. Thanks to the timely intervention by MIMS, he underwent a complicated heart surgery which was sponsored by MIMS Charitable Trust; their passage to India was sponsored by an association in Uganda. His speedy recovery is a tale of hope for many patients in his native land. This growing healthy lad is now his mother’s perpetual source of joy and he is one among the many living proofs of MIMS Charitable Trust’s medical care’s reach beyond national boundaries

Designs of benevolence-Trust’s Services

MIMS Charitable Trust; a shining beacon is paving the way to accessible premium healthcare for the underprivileged masses. It is empowering poor people in their fight against ill-health. MIMS Charitable Trust primarily works towards helping children and adult with life threatening conditions needing surgical intervention and to receive sponsorship for expensive medical procedures. This altruistic gesture is to foster an environment of improved the “Save a Heart Save a Life”,quality of life. Giving people good health is giving them hope for a better life. MIMS Charitable Trust helps financially weak parents of children suffering from heart defects in immediate need of surgical intervention. It is a benevolent response to an imminent misfortune. Cardiac surgeries for economically weak patients were undertaken through where philanthropists sponsored their treatments, medicines, operative and post operative care. MIMS Charitable Trust anticipates helping many more in the same plight through this scheme. This forethought, wisdom and action will continue uninterrupted and our only ardent wish is that donations and sponsorships to the Trust keep pouring incessantly.


Our Other Services
1. MIMS Calicut & MIMS Kottakkal has promulgated highly subsidized Open Heart Surgeries for the benefit of poor patients, Trust coordinates such genuine cases as and when they come.
2. Trust helps Paediatric Cardiac patients with free and subsidized surgeries after inquiring the financial background of the kids family. A musical and Charity events were conducted to raise funds
3. The Trust is operating a Rural Health Centre at Vazhayoor. Vazhayoor is a economically backward and undeveloped area on the outskirts of Calicut. This Centre has a full time Doctor; it is equipped with a Pharmacy and Lab. Family Planning and Immunization are also carried out at this Centre. DNB & Nursing Students of MIMS College Allied Sciences & MIMS College & School of Nursing are deputed here for Community Services.
Honorable Health Minister was thoroughly impressed by the activities of the Rural Health Centre during her visit which made her quip, “Her Health Ministry has learned many things from MIMS and she has implemented them in many PHC and Medical College Hospitals”
4. The Trust provides all help and aid set up Stand Alone Dialysis Centres at various Places
5. The Trust had renovated a very dilapidated Ward in Calicut Medical College Hospital. The Principal of Calicut Medical College was so impressed by the time and quality the Trust completed the renovation work of the Ward, that he complimented the Trust saying, “This renovated Ward will be a benchmark for other philanthropists who want to renovate wards” The daily maintenance and cleaning of the renovated Ward are also carried on by
the Trust.
6. Charity Bed, a scheme was announced a few years ago and very poor patients needing costly surgeries were helped after meeting criteria set for this scheme.
7. The Trust helps innumerable cash strapped renal failure patients with subsidized and sponsored dialysis on a continuous basis.
8. MIMS Surround, a scheme to help very poor persons living in close proximity of MIMS was promulgated in 2011. About 1500 people are benefited by it. It is all free for them, OP, IP and even medicines.
9. Trust awards scholarships and aid to poor and deserving students to pursue their studies in the MIMS College and School of Nursing.
10. The Trust has started its activities in MIMS Kottakkal also.
11.Trust gives financial assistance to innumerable poor and deserving patients everyday.