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MIMS Charitable Trust

MIMS Charitable Trust's impact through community initiatives

There are thousands in need of urgent financial assistance for life threatening ailments. We need your helping hand to provide aid to their medical needs. This is therefore, an effort to welcome you to join their endeavour in raising funds, mobilizing resources and co-coordinating activities. Come join our mission to help the poor. 

How does the trust work - Where the poor and sick go to.

Do you know someone is in need of immediate medical attention for life threatening illness who cannot afford the cost of cure? Please direct them to the Trust Coordinator, who works in conjunction with the advice from eminent doctors and specialists and will consult Trustees to assess the financial viability / background. After careful scrutiny of their medical state of affairs, and upon

We need Your Helping Hand

This is an extraordinary opportunity to help support and save a life for those unfortunate people for whom even basic medical treatment is beyond reach. We implore the citizens of the world who desire to fund the medical costs of the under privileged ones stricken by life threatening diseases to donate generously. All donations made to MIMS Charitable Trust are exempt under 80G of the Income Tax Act. MIMS Charitable Trust also has FCRA approval and registration by the Government of India to receive Foreign / Overseas Donations.
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Please note that all UAE Donations can also be sent directly to India through the Overseas / NRI Account Details given below. 

For Rupee donation: 

Bank details: MIMS Charitable Trust Account No: 10622323839 State Bank of India Main Branch Mananchira Calicut 673001 IFS Code: SBIN0000861

Indian Tax payers please avail 80 G benefits for your donations.

For Foreign Currency Donation (Other than Rupee) 
MIMS Charitable Trust Account No: 30043851573 State Bank of India Main Branch Mananchira Calicut 673001 Swift Code: SBININBB392 IFS Code: 000861

Approved by the Government of India to receive fund in foreign currencies

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Funds Utilization

This When you support a cause, and give money in good faith, make sure you know the purpose for which it is utilized. At the MIMS Charitable Trust, proper records are kept of receipt and disbursement of money. We welcome your questions, comments and valuable suggestions, so please take the liberty to contact us. You can also make a donation in honour or memory of someone or even donate to celebrate an occasion or event. Always remember to clear your doubts at the time of donation. Make sure you keep a record of your receipts. If the information pertaining to the procedure or patient is not confidential, the Trust will be glad to help you with your queries. Please Donate Now. Your magna-