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MIMS Charitable Trust


MIMS Charitable Trust is a pioneer in setting the trend of “No Profit Stand Alone Dialysis Centre” in India and the legendary titan behind it was none other than our Chairman Padmashree Dr. Azad Moopen.

In the beginning all where apprehensive about the viability of such stand alone dialysis centres, this dream of our Chairman Padmashree Dr. Azad Moopen was turned into a reality by his moral and monetary support of who donated 10 dialysis machines to our first centre which was instituted in the loving memory of his father Mr. M A Moopen under the name of MIMS M A Moopen Memorial Dialysis Centre in the year 2008, which everyone fondly calls it now as MMDC

It was our Nephrologists who suggested Badagara to open such a centre; they had in mind the numerous patients who came to MIMS Calicut from Badagara and nearby areas for their routine dialysis. The amount of time and money these patients save by undergoing dialysis near a place where they dwell is countless.

The farsightedness of our Chairman Padmashree Dr. Azad Moopen about such centres culminated in many philanthropists and organizations approaching us to establish such centres under our tutelage.

The first person who wanted to emulate our centre was Mr. P K Ahmad, a renowned industrialist and philanthropist of Malabar. The second centre took shape under the name of MIMS CICS Dialysis Centre (Calicut Orphanage) in the year 2010.
When MMDC was grappling with the booming waiting list of patients, an organization named Daya Rehabilitation Centre approached the Trust to help establish another centre in Badagara. It was named as MIMS Thanal Dialysis Centre and was opened in 2011. Many patients were traveling from Tellichery, Mahe and Kannur to Badagara for their dialysis, Mr. V K Zackriya, a businessman cum philanthropist and a Promoter of MIMS who is heads TMWA organization in Tellichery saw the plight of his natives and approached us to establish our fourth centre at Dharmadam in Tellichery was opened in 2012 under the name of MIMS Snehatheeram Dialysis Centre. And the saga of Stand Alone Centre continues to enthrall one and all; new centres are coming up in Kannur, one in Trikarippur another in Ponnani