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MIMS Charitable Trust

About MIMS Charitable Trust

The Trustees – The Life givers

Life is a gift of God. Good healthcare should never be the prerogative of the privileged few. The main focus of MIMS Charitable Trust is to fund expensive surgeries / treatments to poor and down trodden who find these treatments inaccessible. Many philanthropists and eager benefactors, with an intention to help and improve the quality of life for the poor - irrespective of caste, creed or religion, have come aboard. These noble individuals share our philosophy with their kindly gestures, timely donations, and endorsement of our charitable causes. These trustees help mobilize funds and resources. The Board of Trustees is comprised of eminent doctors, dedicated and distinguished philant- hropists. Mr. Shabandri Mohamed Esa is the Trust Coordinator. The Trust has a tie up with some well known Charitable Organizations like Madhyamam Health Care Programme, Heartbeats and Melam Charities who have the same philosophical approach to helping the sick and needy.

Where There is MIMS Charitable Trust There is Hope

Ever wondered that the children suffering from congenital heart diseases and other life threatening ailments can end up with; especially if the parents of these little ones do not have money for their treatments? …. Death! Can you imagine the unbearable pain these families undergo, because they cannot afford the cost of surgeries? Most of us cannot fathom the agony, but to millions of people living below the poverty line; especially children plagued by congenital heart ailments, it is life without any hope. When immediate medical intervention seems impossible, their parents suffer from a sense of helplessness. MIMS Charitable Trust was established to alleviate their frustration and to give these little angels a new lease of life. The MIMS Charitable Trust, with a tie to parent healthcare institution, is actively involved in helping the poor who are sick and ailing gain access to expensive and life saving surgeries and procedures; especially those facing a dearth of funds. United to a noble intention of breathing new life in the future of these hapless patients; MIMS Charitable Trust puts to shame those with a callous indifference to their plight. 
MIMS Charitable Trust has supported more than 2000 patients with nearly Rs. 2,00,00,000. “Save a Heart Save a Life", was a first of its kind project started by MIMS Charitable Trust to allow philanthropists and eager saviors to sponsor patients for an Open Heart Surgery. Subsidized Dialysis, Sponsored heart / other surgeries, full fledged Rural Health Centre and sponsoring the education of deserving students in MIMS Academy, MIMS Charitable Trust is evidence that no obstacle is insurmountable when one is committed to a cause.

Aid beyond national boundaries

Faizan Khan, a poor boy, from a far flung place called Uganda in Africa suffered from congenital heart disease. His mother, a single parent, a poor woman had no means to pay for the surgery and his death seemed an inevitable fact until MIMS Charitable Trust intervened. Thanks to the timely intervention by MIMS, he underwent a complicated heart surgery which was sponsored by MIMS Charitable Trust; their passage to India was sponsored by an association in Uganda. His speedy recovery is a tale of hope for many patients in his native land. This growing healthy lad is now his mother’s perpetual source of joy and he is one among the many living proofs of MIMS Charitable Trust’s medical care’s reach beyond national boundaries