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MIMS Charitable Trust


Saviour of the masses –The MIMS Saga and Your life and health is our purpose

With the advent of MIMS, world class medical care to the common man is not a distant dream, but a living reality. When every hospital is busy and obsessed to rake in profits; only the brave venture upon the less beaten path; Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd; is such a pioneering medical institution. Here in MIMS, medical expertise, quality diagnostic services and excellent nursing care forms the crux of world class healthcare. Speedy recovery, complete well being of a patient and increasing the quality of life is the overriding ethos. MIMS has been recognized to cultivate the best medical departments that follow international standards & system of functioning which have been published in leading medical journals as a model for other hospitals in India to emulate. “Caring Mission with a Global Vision” is the principal motto. Resources are channeled into making international standards of healthcare reachable to the common man. Devotion, dedication, compassion and professional service, quality medicines, and periodical assessments of procedures and training processes of staff, all contribute a cutting edge step towards the attainment of excellence in MIMS.

History of MIMS - Exceptional Healthcare in India; a tangible Truth

MIMS is the largest hospital in the heart of Calicut, the City of Zamorins, and has distinguished itself from other hospitals simply by considering what really matters – international quality healthcare at reasonable cost for all. You will find in MIMS, the latest medical technology accompanied with holistic care. MIMS is a 600 bed Super Specialty Tertiary and Referral hospital, with over 40 Departments managed by highly distinguished, qualified full time medical specialists, and over 1500 trained employees, is a much sought after reputed medical facility. Welcome to a place where healthcare is your inheritance not an alternative..


only hospital in India to receive NABH accreditation 3 times in a row and has been winning Awards and Accolades from Pollution Control Board since its inception. Environment friendly – one of the pioneers to institute electronic medical records.Successful healthcare relies on precision, timely and exact diagnoses. Treatments and solutions are crucial to the success of good medicine. Patient- centered practice that is universally available is the order of the day. MIMS is renowned as the finest tertiary care and referral hospital and has been identified as a leader not only in patient care but medical research and teaching. It has several in-patient and out-patient services. The medical programmes are continuously updated to meet both the community's needs and challenges. MIMS has fully equipped operation theatres for super specialty procedures. It has a well equipped 24 hours emergency and trauma care supported by diagnostic department and blood bank. MIMS is the only hospital in Malabar with a Mobile ICU. Every department is well staffed. MIMS has evolved various Preventive Health Check-up programmes.

MIMS Charitable Trust's impact through community initiatives

There are thousands in need of urgent financial assistance for life threatening ailments. We need your helping hand to provide aid to their medical needs. This is therefore, an effort to welcome you to join their endeavour in raising funds, mobilizing resources and co-coordinating activities. Come join our mission to help the poor.

How does the trust work - Where the poor and sick go to.

Do you know someone is in need of immediate medical attention for life threatening illness who cannot afford the cost of cure? Please direct them to the Trust Coordinator, who works in conjunction with the advice from eminent doctors and specialists and will consult Trustees to assess the financial viability / background. After careful scrutiny of their medical state of affairs, and upon their eligibility, they are informed and the Trust fulfils its promise. If an already admitted patient professes his inability to pay, then help will be sought from doctors, medical social workers, nurses and other hospital staff. Once equipped with the knowledge of their financial condition, the patient is given the needed information and offered support and resources.